Apr 22, 2015

LP on Silken Tofu coming up

Time to blow some life into this blog. It's been ages since I've been active on here, and there's a simple reason for that: there was no news to report. No shows, no new music, no nothing. All this time I've been working on my upcoming album on Silken Tofu and now it's finally time to reveal some of the music that will be on this record. Wim Silken Tofu has put Side A of the LP on his SoundCloud page and I'm really happy to share this.

The LP will be released in June 2015, if all goes well. It features art work by my brother Mich and additional vocals by Jenci of VVOVNDS on one of the tracks. You can see a glimpse of the art work beneath. Way different than before, but it has the Mich quality stamp.

There are three tracks on the album. Side A is one long track called "Kampuchea". Side B has two tracks called "Tainted" and "61114". 

And I'd like to invite you all to have a listen to "Kampuchea" right here. Thanks!