Aug 21, 2012

Kindvriendelijk set from last Sunday + Two shows coming up

Last Sunday, the hottest day of the year, Dries and me had a total blast in Vertrijk at Don't Cum If You Don't Like Noise. Kindvriendelijk was kindly invited to play there for the second time in our short existence, and it was great. First, Svartvit totally destroyed us, and afterwards we destroyed ourselves again. Video footage of the set is coming up soon, but you can already listen to our set RIGHT HERE.

Another Kindvriendelijk show is coming up in our hometown Kortrijk with Crucifix Eye, Svartvit and Praying For Oblivion. See poster down here. Facebook event here.

And also in september Dries from GELUIDSOVERLAST!!! organises this very special event in the medieval crypt next to Boekhandel De Standaard in Kortrijk. The last two weekends of September there will be an art exhibition by Nele Vanthomme. True Deep & All Shadows And Deliverance will be playing on September 22 at 6pm, and Syndrome will be doing a special show on Saturday September 29. Poster for this event below. Facebook event here.

See y'all there!

Jul 21, 2012

Kindvriendelijk show in Ghent 20/07/2012 - Video

So we played a show with Kindvriendelijk yesterday in Ghent. We want to thank the people from Project 02 who set up this show, and Seba Crucifix Eye who was so kind to invite us to play. Actually we wanted to play longer this time, but somehow we just don't manage to get above the ten minute frontier. Next Kindvriendelijk show will be on August the 19th in Tienen. Hope to see you there. So here's the video of our gig from last night.

Jul 19, 2012

Two new Usain Bolt Records releases

I just released two new 3" cd-r's on my small label Usain Bolt Records . UBR011 is "Obake" by Crucifix Eye. Digital harsh noise walls. High pitched and heavy. Headphone listening is recommended. UBR 012 is "Encopresis" by Anus Nocturnum. Analog synth madness by DJ Nolf Kaka. Very creepy and disorienting. Two quite different releases, buth both heavily recommended, if I may say so. Get in touch with me or with the bands if you want one.

Jun 25, 2012

No updates, just some noise.

Ok, it's been a while since I posted here, and that's just because I don't have a lot to tell you. I'm preparing my release on Silken Tofu. And I won't tell you anything more. Anyway, this is my friend Paul "The Baron" BBBlood from London. He played on Noisefest II at De Kreun, you might remember that. I have no idea where or when this was recorded. But it's just great. Enjoy.

Feb 26, 2012


The Silken Tofu night at the Kinky Star was great. First gig after more than a year of ASAD silence. Thanks again to Wim and the people at the Kinky Star. Release on Silken Tofu is in the works!

Up next, I'm supporting local K-Town hardcore band VVOVNDS on their demo release show on 10/03 at the cinéPalace in Kortrijk. Here's the very kvlt poster. See you there.

Feb 11, 2012

A cover

This is a cover of Crisis' "Holocaust", intended for the Up Yours/The Pit's tribute cd "If You Don't Like It, You Can Just Fuck Off!". The track didn't make it to the compilation because it's too fucking long. And the compiler didn't like it. Guess he can just fuck off *mild sarcasm*. Anyway, thought I might as well upload it and share it with you. I got lots of help from Isa with this track, she played the guitar and keyboards, and I messed it up again. Thank you Isa.

Holocaust (Crisis)

Jan 29, 2012


Wim from Belgian label Silken Tofu has invited me to play on the very first Silken Tofu night at the Kinky Star club in Ghent. Friday February 24th. At the same time he asked me to record an album for his label. I feel pretty good! So watch out for more news on that. The album is scheduled for release in autumn 2012.

And another gig I'm looking forward to: I'm supporting VVOVNDS on their demo release show, March 10th 2012 at Ciné Palace in Kortrijk. Come join the violence!

So 2012 started in a quite exciting way, time to look back on 2011. It''s been a quiet year for ASAD, but a busy year in so many other aspects. Yes, I released "Nasmaak", but I didn't play any gigs at all in 2011. On the other hand, I joined my  friend Dries' band KINDVRIENDELIJK and played a handful of crazy gigs with that.
And, Usain Bolt Records reached its tenth release. With 7 releases by Isaac, Unholy Analog Noisemachine, Aske, ASAD, Wallkeeper/Kindvriendelijk, Goghal/Kindvriendelijk and True Deep, 2011 turned out to be a very fruitful year. Speaking of which, I still need to set up that UBR discography page. Yes, I'm a lazy bum. Watch out for more UBR releases soon!

Other highlights of 2011: Noisefest III at De Kreun with a devastating set from Damien Dubrovnik, HNW fest in Paris, Svartvit at café Vera Kortrijk, France at Kraakfest, Glenn Branca Ensemble in Paris, Carter Tutti at Sonic City (De Kreun) and another amusing ATP fest in Minehead. Lots of great records too in 2011, I'll limit myself to the noise related records with just one exception: the new Charalambides record "Exile'" is a little wonder. Furthermore, my record of the year is Prurient's "Bermuda Drain": surprising maybe, but I think it is an honest, breathtaking, and even brutal album. Other albums I really enjoyed last year were by Alberich, Damien Dubrovnik, Robedoor, Nate Young, Deaf Center, Grouper, Vatican Shadow, Rene Hell, Lussuria, Hive Mind, Bridget Hayden and Tim Hecker.

It's 2012. Let's start a riot.