Jan 29, 2012


Wim from Belgian label Silken Tofu has invited me to play on the very first Silken Tofu night at the Kinky Star club in Ghent. Friday February 24th. At the same time he asked me to record an album for his label. I feel pretty good! So watch out for more news on that. The album is scheduled for release in autumn 2012.

And another gig I'm looking forward to: I'm supporting VVOVNDS on their demo release show, March 10th 2012 at Ciné Palace in Kortrijk. Come join the violence!

So 2012 started in a quite exciting way, time to look back on 2011. It''s been a quiet year for ASAD, but a busy year in so many other aspects. Yes, I released "Nasmaak", but I didn't play any gigs at all in 2011. On the other hand, I joined my  friend Dries' band KINDVRIENDELIJK and played a handful of crazy gigs with that.
And, Usain Bolt Records reached its tenth release. With 7 releases by Isaac, Unholy Analog Noisemachine, Aske, ASAD, Wallkeeper/Kindvriendelijk, Goghal/Kindvriendelijk and True Deep, 2011 turned out to be a very fruitful year. Speaking of which, I still need to set up that UBR discography page. Yes, I'm a lazy bum. Watch out for more UBR releases soon!

Other highlights of 2011: Noisefest III at De Kreun with a devastating set from Damien Dubrovnik, HNW fest in Paris, Svartvit at café Vera Kortrijk, France at Kraakfest, Glenn Branca Ensemble in Paris, Carter Tutti at Sonic City (De Kreun) and another amusing ATP fest in Minehead. Lots of great records too in 2011, I'll limit myself to the noise related records with just one exception: the new Charalambides record "Exile'" is a little wonder. Furthermore, my record of the year is Prurient's "Bermuda Drain": surprising maybe, but I think it is an honest, breathtaking, and even brutal album. Other albums I really enjoyed last year were by Alberich, Damien Dubrovnik, Robedoor, Nate Young, Deaf Center, Grouper, Vatican Shadow, Rene Hell, Lussuria, Hive Mind, Bridget Hayden and Tim Hecker.

It's 2012. Let's start a riot.